3 Month Training Program

METS understands that the everyday endurance athlete already commits a lot of time and money into their training and performances. Many spend thousands of dollars on equipment and gadgets, with many events costing close to $1000 to enter.

The single greatest way to improve your race results is to hire a coach who understands your unique physiology and how to implement an appropriate, progressive, and individualised training program dedicated specifically to you. We offer full triathlon, cycling and running coaching at a flat rate weekly price. We understand, however, that the weekly costs of hiring a coach isn’t for everyone.

Our 3 month training program service allows athletes to "Buy a Block" of training, and is the next best thing to hiring a coach. 

The process is as follows:

  1. Complete a VO₂ max test to determine your aerobic capacity and individualised training zones.
  2. Our Accredited Exercise Scientists then sit down with you and discusses your current training load, time availability, training limitations, and, most importantly, your goals.
  3. We then scientifically develop a 3 month training block using your unique physiological data gained from your VO₂ max test, in conjunction with your training information gathered above. Every session in this block will be available on TrainingPeaks and all training methods and loading parameters are 100% supported by current Sport Science literature.
  4. At the end of your 3 month training block, you are encouraged to complete a VO₂ max re-test to determine your improvements and adjust your training zones. You can then opt to have another training block developed.
  5. If starting from scratch, 6 months (2 training blocks) is recommended to reach peak fitness before an 'A' race event, particularly if it is for a long distance event such as an Ironman. We can prescribe training blocks at any stage of a program, so if you have completed plenty of base training already, we can develop a build or peaking training block.

Comparing "Buy a Block" with the weekly coaching service:


  • More affordable.
  • Shows every session for 3 months in advance.
  • Is a safe, progressive and scientifically developed program made specifically for your goals and physiology.


  • No free re-testing to monitor improvements/update training zones.
  • No support, training feedback or point of contact with a coach .
  •  Does not allow for changes or variability – eg cannot change a tough interval session if the athlete hasn’t slept well for a few nights and is feeling tired, cannot modify a session if an athlete is sick.
  • No education component (unless participating in semi-regular consultations).

The value for money you receive with “Buy a Block” is second to none, and is an affordable alternative to traditional weekly coaching which is guaranteed to take your performance to the next level.