Our staff are accredited Exercise Scientists at minimum who specialise in improving endurance performance. We use your individual fitness testing results to structure and periodise your training program in accordance with your goals, time commitments, and current fitness level. The most current, up to date and scientifically proven training protocols are used to optimise your training performance. You can rest assured that every minute of every training session has a specific purpose and progressively builds towards your goals. We are a great believer in quality over quantity when it comes to training, resulting in reaching peak fitness through completing time efficient, focused sessions while eliminating excessive 'junk' kilometers and reducing your likelihood of injury and illness. We provide progressive cycles of training stimuli, followed by adequate recovery and adaptation. This leads to fresh and fit athletes, rather than 'fit but fatigued' athletes who are prone to injury, illness and sub-standard race day performances.  METS offers coaching for triathlon, cycling and running.


After an initial consultation in which we discuss your time constraints, motivation for training, training history, injury history, and your goals, you will receive a weekly training program on TrainingPeaks which will tell you exactly what to do to best achieve your training goals, using a scientifically periodised programming method. 

We are so confident that you will see immediate performance improvements that we have no added costs: no start-up fee, no administration fee, no cancellation fee. Training with science is guaranteed to improve your performances, so we don't see the need to lock you into a commitment. Our athletes stay because they are satisfied and are seeing results, not because they are financially committed. Don't think we're the right people to help you achieve your goals? No problem, you're free to leave at any time at no additional cost.


  • Comprehensive online program from start to goal with every training session detailed and backed by science.

  • Access to 3-monthly re-testing of every test listed on this website free of charge to ensure continual improvement.

  • Free and unlimited access to advice.

  • Unlimited access to phone calls/skype and email/social media contact.


Guaranteed results through science-based coaching requires an investment of $60/week.

Email or call 0401 250 195 for more information.