Matthias Carlsson

Sport: Ultra trail marathons and trail running
Nickname: The Greyhound
Age: 29
Hometown: Dimbo (Sweden) currently residing in Melbourne
Profession: Analytical chemist

Key Race Achievements: 

  • Completing 160km Alpine Challenge 2015 (8th place).
  • Winning obstacle racing league 2014.
  • Winning The Suck 2014.
  • Participating in the 25 hour final Under Armour Australia World’s Toughest Mudder try outs 2014.

Favourite race(s):

Anything that takes me out of my comfort zone and into a beautiful environment. Races that first come to mind are the Alpine Challenge 160km, Marysville 50km, Ultra Trail Australia 100km and the Walhalla Wound up is a favourite as it was my first official 50km run.


Sporting role model?:

Jared Campbell. Not a common household name but the only 3-time finisher of The Barkley 100 and probably one of the strongest ultra-runners out there. A race very few people start and even fewer finish, a race that has been on my bucket list for a while hoping to one-day line up at the start line.


Goal(s) for 2016:

My main goal will be doing the Marysville 50km and aiming to improve on last year’s finish time of 4:59.