Director of Sport Science

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
Level 1 Triathlon Australia coach
Accreditation with ESSA - Exercise Scientist


Luke is the Director and co-founder of METS Performance Consulting. Luke has a unique knowledge of endurance physiology and specialises in helping athletes of all abilities achieve appropriate training stimuli to elicit aerobic adaptations in time efficient and highly focused sessions. He is an expert at interpreting physiological data to determine an individual's heart rate and power/pace training zones so they can train scientifically and are guaranteed performance improvements. He has a wealth of experience in the sporting industry and has been involved in state-league VFL football, short, standard and long distance triathlons, criterium racing, track cycling, and distance running. His personal area of focus is standard and long-distance triathlon.


Nick Jankovskis

Sport scientist / head of strength & conditioning

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (Level 1)
Australian Weightlifting Federation Sports Power Coach (Level 1)
ASADA Level 2 Certification


Nick is a Sport Scientist and Head of Strength & Conditioning at METS Performance Consulting. Nick is a specialist in improving endurance economy by prescribing strength and performing biomechanical analysis of human movement to improve efficiency to ultimately endurance performance, whilst also assisting the reduction of injury risk associated with participation in a variety of sports. Nick is highly experienced in high performance sport in both individual and team sports having been involved in a NCAA Division I Collegiate program (University of Michigan - Olympic Sports), VFL/AFLW football umpiring, sprint triathlons and swimming. His personal endurance sport areas of focus are swimming and triathlon.



Company Secretary

Eliza is the co-founder of METS Performance Consulting. She graduated with a Bachelor of Sport (Business Management) at Deakin University, and is responsible for all accounts and strategic planning.